Synonyms and related words:
acceptably, adequately, admissibly, after a fashion, agreeably, amply, appreciably, at any rate, at best, at least, at most, at the least, at the most, at the outside, at worst, commensurately, comparatively, decently, detectably, enough, fair to middling, fairishly, fairly, fairly well, in a manner, in a way, in part, in some measure, incompletely, indifferently, leastwise, mediocrely, merely, middling well, middlingly, mildly, moderately, modestly, not comprehensively, not exhaustively, only, part, partially, partly, passably, presentably, pretty, pretty well, pro tanto, purely, rather, relatively, respectably, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, simply, so far, so-so, somewhat, sufficiently, thus far, to a degree, to some degree, unexceptionably, visibly, well enough

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • tolerably — index fairly (moderately) Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • tolerably — tol|e|ra|bly [ˈtɔlərəbli US ˈta: ] adv [+ adjective/adverb] fairly, but not very much ▪ We were tolerably happy at first …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • tolerably — tol|er|a|bly [ talərəbli ] adverb FORMAL 1. ) in a way that is satisfactory but not very good: She rides tolerably well. 2. ) to a small degree but not very much: FAIRLY …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • tolerably — ad. 1. Supportably. 2. Passably, moderately, indifferently, so so, passably well, tolerably well, pretty well …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • tolerably — adverb (+ adj/adv) fairly, but not very much: We were tolerably happy for the first year …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • tolerably — tolerable ► ADJECTIVE 1) able to be tolerated. 2) fairly good. DERIVATIVES tolerability noun tolerably adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • tolerably — adverb in an acceptable (but not outstanding) manner she plays tennis tolerably • Syn: ↑acceptably, ↑so so • Ant: ↑intolerably, ↑unacceptably (for: ↑acceptably) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Tolerably — Tolerable Tol er*a*ble, a. [L. tolerabilis: cf. F. tol[ e]rable. See {Tolerate}.] 1. Capable of being borne or endured; supportable, either physically or mentally. [1913 Webster] As may affect the earth with cold and heat Scarce tolerable. Milton …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • tolerably — adverb see tolerable …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tolerably — See tolerability. * * * …   Universalium

  • tolerably — adverb In a tolerable manner; of something that can be tolerated …   Wiktionary

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